Process and Fees

Seeking therapy and choosing a therapist can be overwhelming, especially for the first time, so I have outlined the process that I use when working with clients as well as prices.

You are welcome to ask me as many questions as you need to help you make the best decision for you.

  1. Initial Call – When you choose to connect with me, we will arrange a free, 20-minute telephone call, where I can get to know a little about you and your reasons for seeking therapy. You can also ask me any questions that are important to you. I will not take any personal details from you at this stage. If I do not feel that I am the right person to work with you, then I will explain why and do my best to refer you to a more appropriate therapist or service. You are under no obligation to proceed.

2. Assessment Session – If we decide to progress, then we will arrange an assessment session, where we will complete assessment forms and I will take some personal details from you. We can agree a plan for the work. The assessment session may take up to 90 minutes and a fee will be charged.

3. Contract – I will send a contract to you via e-mail and once your questions have been answered, we will arrange our sessions.

4. Sessions – Therapy sessions will be held at the agreed dates and times and last for 50 minutes. We will carry out regular reviews in line with your goals and plans as agreed at assessment. The process is flexible, so we can amend and adjust as appropriate.


Consultation call: No fee

Assessment Session: £95

Weekly 50 minute sessions: £67+ (£115 couples/relationships)

Ad-hoc (existing clients) and ‘out of hours’ sessions: £80 (£140 couples/relationships)

Fees are reviewed annually and changes implemented on 1 January

‘The main thing that I realised about therapy is that it depends on me. The more I put in, the more I got out.’ (former client)

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