A Warm Welcome

What led you here?

You’re confident, ambitious, and there for others. People think that you lead a great life, but it doesn’t always feel that way to you. 

You have lots to be grateful for, but something doesn’t feel quite right. There’s a discomfort in your mind and body. Maybe you don’t feel good enough – as a parent, partner, or human being. 

Despite ignoring it and carrying on, questions remain, and something has prompted you to seek help in finding answers. You want to be more relaxed and peaceful – to embrace life. 

The discomfort can be caused by a difficult childhood and/or traumatic life events, which negatively affect self-esteem, confidence and relationships.   

The good news is that you are good enough and can learn to overcome your challenges. 

I’ll walk with you through the discomfort. We can search for the answers to your questions together online or face to face in Watford or North Finchley, London. 

It will take hard work and dedication to raise your self-awareness and own your truth but the opportunity to fully embrace life is absolutely worth it – I hope to be a part of your journey. 

Get in touch for an initial chat – I look forward to connecting.  

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